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Mikulov and locality

Why are you in Mikulov will definitely enjoy?

Because few other places offer such a diverse number of enjoyable activities. You´ll love your stay in Mikulov whether you´re an active sportsman, seek out undisturbed peace and refreshing relaxation, love good wine and food most of all, or delight in culture and have a great enthusiasm for history.  Don´t hesitate and come to the unique Pálava region, a biospheric reserve UNESCO.


What can Galant´s vicinity offer you?

The Galant complex (8000m2) is placed just two minutes of relaxed walk from Mikulov´s historic centre. Set out for the charming town square which is alive  with entertaiment and culture throughout the day, and shrouds itself in a romantic atmosphere and calming quiet at night. Visit The Palava wine festival, the reconstruction of a historic battle, concerts, festivals and other great cultural events.


What natural wonders can be found in Saint Hill?

It´s no coincidence that the Galant´s logo features the silhouette of Saint Hill, natural reservation full of rare animals and plants. You can admire the hill, whose top is 363 meters above sea level, from the comfort  of our sunny terrace and many cosy hotel rooms, or you can set out to explore the region´s most popular trip destination  and place of pilgrimage for yourself. The road to the hilltop starts not far from our hotel (3 minutes).


What should the history enthusiasts undertake?

If you like places that make people feel like they travelled centuries back into past, you´ll love the Kozi hradek ruins or Mikulov Castle. If you see a flag flying from the origina 15th century defence tower, you know that Kozi hradek is open and you can ascend it to enjoy beautiful view of this surroundings.

The 13th century castle originally belonged to the Liechtenstein dynasty and later to Dietrichsteins, but today it´s cared by the Regional Museum. That´s why you´ll find not only the beautiful castle library and ascentral hall there, but also several interesting expositions. 

Where can you experience an exciting adventure?

Visit the Turold cave where animals, along with people during the Ice Age, used to find shelter. Rare bats hide there in the winter, but throughout the rest of the year you can be the one to explore the unusually adorned passageways. You´ll find dripstones in the Fantasy Dome, but other parts of Palava´s largest cave will surround you with pea-like foam, tiny conifer shrubs, cauliflower-like prostrusion, soapy foam, or coloral reefs with shimmering calcite. Plunge into the world of fantasy and experience the exciting feeling of walking through cold cave passageways or admiring the Lake Dome´s crystal clear underground lake that could have just as well come from a fairy tale.

You can also enjoy your magical moments from a horse´s back in Mikulov´s ridding centre. Have a romantic view of Mikulov from the saddle of trotting white or black steed. The less courageous can be slowly led for a short ride, or arround the ridding centre. For a truly exceptional luxury experience, make use of the prepared horse-drawn carriage to ride Mikulov and back again.

The Galant wellness hotel is an ideal place for romantic stays, small and big congresses, or social events.

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Wellness hotel Galant is an ideal place for romantic and family holidays, large and small conferences and social events

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